Google puts Coral colour Pixel 4 on a huge billboard at Times Square

Google has been pretty vocal when it comes to Pixel 4. The company even leaked the device themselves earlier this year. The earlier leak was subtle and was shared on Twitter but Google has gone all out for the new teaser of the Pixel 4.

First spotted by Reddit user LousyTX, Google has rented a huge billboard at Times Square to show the Coral colour Pixel 4. From the looks of it, it’s just a reminder for people that Google is launching a new device on 15th October. That did, however, give away the bright orange colour Pixel 4 that have we saw in the leaks earlier this year. The billboard just says “set a reminder for October 15” which is when Pixel 4 is scheduled to launch.

Google has been pretty easy with Pixel 4 and has made little effort to hide the device. We have already seen full-fledged hands-on and even camera comparison of the upcoming Pixel 4.

Tesla confirms record Model S Nürburgring times, promises to do even better next month

Porsche fans and Tesla critics are finding hard to accept that a performance sedan EV can beat a race-tuned $150,000 Porsche sports car, but there has been a number of reports that Tesla did just that with the Model S at Nürburgring and today the company confirmed the reports with the following tweet:

Tesla appears to have comfortable beat the 7:42 time of the Porsche Taycan, and promised to do even better with a 7:05 time next month.

Tesla appears to have set up shop at Nürburgring, even installing their own supercharger there.

Despite Tesla’s claim of a 7:20 capability, some people have continued to doubt the time, making claims for example that Tesla did not do the full 20.8 km stretch.

CarAdvice, however, reports that the times were measured repeatedly over the full length of the course, with a car magazine writer Stefan Baldauf  noting:

“The lap time I have specified (7:24) is valid for a full lap over the entire distance of 20.832 kilometres of the Nürburgring Nordschleife, not bridge-to-gantry as speculated on the internet,”

Of course, critics will never be satisfied, noting that the Tesla Model S had special modifications that were not available in the stock car. It is notable however that the Porsche Taycan used for the Nürburgring trial was also a pre-production prototype vehicle, and that Tesla intends to release the Plaid Tesla Model S some time next year also.

The “Plaid” Tesla Model S has an upgraded drive train with 3 motors (2 rear, 1 front), and the version seen in Germany had a new fascia, spoiler and other modifications.

Tesla has said that the “plaid” Model S will be hitting the market late next year, will seat 7 in a 5 forward, 2 rear-facing configuration and will cost a bit more than a regular Model S, but cheaper than rival offerings. The “Plaid” power train will be available as a next-level option for the Model S, Model X and the new Roadster, but not the Model 3 or Y.

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Improved “Add to thread” is coming to Twitter soon

Jane Wong, notorious for her reverse engineering skills, has just revealed a feature that’s about to make its way to Twitter.

The new “add to thread” feature gives you more freedom to customise your Tweets by letting you add new Tweets to old threads.  Now, you can quickly add your final thoughts, update your audience on previous posts, or just provide some clarification.

While it is already possible to do this manually, the easily accessible shortcut will cater to a wider audience, and many people will appreciate it; especially when they feel like posting, but they’ve run out of new material.