‘Ring Fit Adventure’ is a Switch RPG that makes you work out

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At certain intervals, you’ll be thrown into battles. These so-called “fit battles” play out like a traditional turn-based RPG. All of your attacks are triggered by completing a specific pose or stretch, however. Pulling the ring like an archer, for instance, will trigger a Bow Pull, while sitting and crunching your legs will initiate a Knee-to-Chest. The game has four attack types that target different parts of your body — red (arms), yellow (core), blue (legs) and green (yoga) — and, notably, are super-effective against similarly colored monsters. Pressing the ring against your stomach, meanwhile, will create a defensive Ab Guard during enemy attacks.

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Form’s Swim Goggles display heart rate data in the pool

Swimmers will be able to view their heart rate in their line of sight, thanks to the Swim Goggles’ augmented reality capabilities and the tiny, see-through display inside one of the lenses. The Polar sensors will attach to the goggles via a strap and sit against the swimmer’s temple. Data will be transmitted wirelessly, and in real time, to the Swim Goggles. Data from completed swims will sync to the Form Swim App, which will match heart rate data with metrics like split times, stroke rates, pace and calories.

Heart rate tracking is extremely important to swimmers, especially when they’re doing splits. For the first time, swimmers will be able to see that data as they swim, without pausing or leaving the pool. “By adding it to the arsenal of metrics that our goggles already deliver, we’ll empower serious swimmers to make their training even smarter and more purposeful,” Form’s founder and CEO Dan Eisenhardt said.